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We steep our wort with crushed grains and malts to add freshness to the beer and that ‘malty’ taste that some beers deserve. This process usually takes 60-90 minutes and is done before we boil in the hoppy goodness.
In the boil is where we add the hops. Hops added at the start are for bitterness and those added towards the end for aroma and finishing. High alpha acid hops will impart more bitterness in this stage.
Just when you think you have added the right amount of hops, add the same amount again. This time after the beer has fermented. Hops added at this stage will only contribute to flavour, which is the best bit.
A stage the we add in to add huge amount of flavour to our Liberty Wheat range. It takes place at the same time as the dry hopping. The little fruits give their all, thanks fruits.
By this stage we hope to have created a great beer, but it’s not ready to drink just yet. We prime will a little extra sugar and let the yeast have one more go to carbonate the beer. Bottle conditioning leaves some trademark residual yeast in the drink, that’s what we love.
We are currently a homebrew based set up but with your help we can get (what we think) great beer to you. Contact Us to help us.

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